sound and motion performance MA

premiere:  2013 Vilnius (Lithuania)
idea and sound: Egle Matuzonyte
choreography: Ruta Butkus
lights: Vilius Vilutis
costume: Elvita Brazdylyte
video: Maarten Van Der Glas
foto: Justina Nekrasaite


MA is not a ready-­made composition of music and choreography but rather an unexpected improvisation of sound and movement, an interrelated musical and choreographic action defying linear time structure.

Musical development is totally unpredictable. MA’s aim is to confuse operative human memory with its ability to apply logic connections between different sounds and inertly suggest the following sequence. Tempo, dynamics and composition dissolve into the present moment and the sound abandons temporal dimension and enters the spacial domain.

Thanks to special technologies sound variations depend on spacial changes: during improvisation, sensors of video camera record dancer’s movements and converts them into digital signal that creates sounds which echo the motions. Dancer’s body becomes a medium for time and space.

Without specific duration a music piece looses its traditional vector from-­left-­to-­right, from past to present. Instead, it simply happens

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