dance movie Racing W.Rabbit

premiere: 2014 Vilnius (Lithuania)
director&choreographer: Ruta Butkus
cinematographer: Audrius Zelenius
music composer: Egle Matuzonyte
cast: Ruta Butkus, Danguole Pleckaityte, Jonas Banzinas, Loreta Kavaliauskiene, Ruta Busilaite, Dominika Poszewieckaja
producer: Vytaute Brazdylyte
editors: Ruta Butkus and Audrius Zelenius

duration: 35 min.


“Beautiful Usparimė resolved to become a priestess, that is, to guard and preserve the sacred flame burning in the temple.  Clothed  in white robes, the virgin Usparime vowed eternal chastity…

As a few years passed, the young priestess distinguished herself by her diligence in the performance of her duties. Still, a vague melancholy, a strange longing for she knew not what, disturbed her soul…

One evening, as all of nature bathed in silver moonlight, Usparime heard the notes of a song in the distance. A fine, strong male voice sang passionately of the happiness of love. A few steps before her, shoulders leaning against a great oak, stood a knight, his armor gleaming in the moonlight. He was a tall young man, with deep, clear eyes in a handsome face. Seeing the lovely Usparime so suddenly before him, he thought she might be a goddess…

They met each night, and the inevitable happened… Intoxicated by love, she forgot everything. Once, the holy flame was almost extinguished… and soon her meetings with the knight were no longer a secret.

The priestly judges sentenced Usparime to a dreadful death. Just as the sentence was about to be carried out, a knight suddenly appeared in the crowd. Ever since then, when the moon is high…”
English Translation by Gloria O’Brien


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