A short stopping in front of a lit window

premiere: 9 June 2018 Hangzhou (China)
idea & director: Ruta Butkus
music: Misa Skalskis
lights: Gangqiu Ni
costumes: Xiangzhi Bing
dancers: Jiahong,Yang, Ollie, Bobo, Min, River, Kido, Ting, Liang Liang, Shou Chin, Constance, Jonas, Coku, Jie, Hao Wei, Bruce
producers: Zhejiang Conservatory of Music: Department of art projects and Dance department
photo: Zhejiang Conservatory of Music
duration: 40’


Continuing working on the concept of modification I went on with a research of forming walls with a help of contemporary and traditional Chinese dance motion, music, light and bodies. I kept on merging limits of cultural experience in West and East, observed their formation and deformation, explored their links and divisions. All the research was reflected in a contemporary dance project “A short stopping in front of a lit window””, where I ask once again: what a wall is?

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