Sound and motion performance MA in Amsterdam

October 30, 2014

Next sunday (11.09) in Amsterdam, sound and motion performance MA will be performed as a part of four interactive performances of motion, sound and multimedia – interACTA.

Place and time

RADION Louwesweg 1
1066 EA Amsterdam
9 of November, 2014 18:00


“Into another body” by Anastasia Kostner and Maarten van der Glas (aminu dance company)
“MA” by Ruta Butkus (dance theater comma8) and Eglė Matuzonytė (Silence on Pluto)
Performance by VDKS and Risa Takita (The Vinyl Art Project)
“The Gramochord Quartet” by Cammy Mai Tran, Gábor Hartyáni, Sigurd Lombardi and Tashi Iwaoka (The Vinyl Art Project)

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